Minecraft PVP Network

Competitive gameplay and clan wars - that's what we do
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Unyfy is a Minecraft PVP Network which was founded in January 2017 by qlow. He had been an active Minecraft player until he was bored with the game modes and servers. That was the moment, he realized that he wants to create an own Minecraft server. So he started developing the network and he found out that it was (and still is) really fun for him. After some weeks he talked with Malkam about his ideas and Malkam was really impressed of them, so he wanted to take a part at the network.


zSenux is the head administrator of Unyfy. In his free time he makes videos for his YouTube channel and works on a something different projects.



Spende is another administrator and manager of Unyfy. He is responsible for designing the gamemodes. In his freetime he makes videos for his YouTube channel too.


Feel free to contact our team if you have any question or suggestion.